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- You want to transfer some important documents in a compressed file to a colleague but are afraid of the compressed file that contains your documents in the hands of others. The following article will guide you how to install the zip archive compression mode to ensure that no one will open it outside of you and the recipient.

- Encryption settings for compressed, unprotected files are currently being used by many computer users to ensure their privacy. The following tutorial will guide you through setting up security mode in files and files that are compressed by this software.


Step 1: After installing WinRAR finished, you open the program by 1 of the following.

Option 1: Click on the icon of the software on the Desktop (if during the installation, you agreed to create a shortcut outside the Desktop).

Option 2: Click the Start button (bottom left corner of the screen). In the Search Programs and files, enter the keyword Winrar search results will be displayed on the screen. Click the "Winrar" search results to open the program.

- But if your computer uses Win XP operating system can use the command to start the software through the Run function is "c: //programfiles/Winrar/Winrar.exe"


Option 3:- You can also use the simpler way is select the folder you want to compress it must pull down the line click the Add to Archive is.

Step 2: After selecting Add to Archive, a window will appear to set the file compression mode. In this window, you enter the name of the compressed file into the archive name folder or can be the default compressed file name.

Then click on the Advenced tab to perform a password reset for the compressed file


On the Advanced tab, click Set password


When you click Set Password, a window will appear asking the user to enter a password to protect their compressed files.

- Enter the password to enter the password under the Enter Password.

- Then, enter the password above the box below the Reenter Password for Verification. Remember that the password must match the password above.


Once you have completed your password click Ok button to return to the Advanced tab. Then, click OK to let the system automatically switch to the data compression stage.


After successfully compressing the data, your compressed file is set to protected mode. Every time you open the file to WinRar will open a window asking you to enter the password to extract the file.

To unzip the file, just enter the password in the box under the Enter Password and click OK. The unpacking process will proceed as normal. If not, then you will not be able to extract the file.


The encrypted file encryption protects your compressed files from being tampered with by other people. In addition, this mode also helps you important documents will not fall into the hands of others. Hopefully after this tutorial will help you know how to install the security mode into the compressed file through the WinRAR tool.

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