WinRAR Free – Best Utility Software for Free!

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  • Update :         Dec 21, 2013
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WinRAR Free is really popular utility software on internet and pretty much helpful if one is seeking to compress files. The market of file compression softwares is all dominated with the Windows Zip or WinRAR software. It’s been so many years since we see WinRAR on internet. It has shown no sign of losing its dominance and it is quiet successful since last two decades. There are so many websites where WinRAR is available and you can download it for free.

What actually the WinRAR software do?

It is really useful utility software and saves your hard disk by compressing up all your files. This means, if you have a file with more memory, for example, you have a document file with 200 MB and by using the WinRAR compressor, you can compress all the document text into a different coding which is low in memory and can use a few KBs. So you will be able to save the space in hard disk and it can be used every time just by decompressing or unzipping the folder. This will also be really helpful when you are seeking to send emails to your friends. You can compress high definition pictures or even movies and heavy softwares into a zip file using WinRAR and it will be attached easily to give away all the desired date in e-mail.

However, WinRAR is actually a free or demo software, therefore it may have some restrictions but it is still very useful. You will be only able to use this software for 180 days and after that, you have to purchase an original version of WinRAR.

WinRAR is still efficient enough as utility compressing software?

The question is, WinRAR still have the same reputation among large variety of utility softwares and WinRAR is still workable for us or we can have other alternatives as the compression softwares?

Well, frankly speaking free is good but doesn’t work every time and many of the free stuffs doesn’t work that much well. You will be able to compress the files using WinRAR but the problem may arise when some clunks left over. For instance, you will face a problem with the user interface which gives out some difficulties for you and make your work complex and some of the files are not just that much efficient enough to make your file compression perfect. You will be requiring a full version for such files. Perhaps, we doesn’t want to zip our files just for the sake of compression but we are seeking it to mail to our friends or saving space on our disk and therefore, we must be seeking a better and efficient compression for file.

There are many other zip softwares which you can use and those are new with much more advanced algorithms and can be interfaced with other Operating Systems like Linux, Macintosh or Unix. However, if you are the user of Windows, WinRAR is really good for you but it’s better to purchase the full version in order to get benefits of full features. The full features of this utility software includes following:

  • Easy to use interface for making Zipping files easy.
  • Better algorithm for the compression of files.
  • Can able to be run using the Windows Explorer just by right click.
  • Able to handle large number of date and large volume.
  • Allow making split zip files
  • Able to create self-extract archives.

There are some other benefits you can take from the full version for the WinRAR and they include, making a zip file directly by burning to your record CD/DVD, automatically zipping up your files which will be useful for the sake of backup and can also create a zip file using command line on DOS prompt.

Price is the matter to get the pro features but just by spending 20$, you will be able to solve much tasks which are important for you just by saving up your data in small size and making backups to use later. These features can be in other software too but it is good to decide before you purchase any compression software that the features you needed are included in it or not.